Queer Historical Romance Reading List

I'm a sucker for a nice Regency romance book, especially gay ones. So I've put together a reading list of LGBTQ+ historical romances! These are ones I've personally read and can recommend. If you know of any others that I should add, please contact me. I desperately need new books to read!

These are grouped rougly by time period. Historical fantasy/scifi crossover genre books will be on the soon-to-be-made LGBTQ SFF romance page.

1800-1830s (Napoleonic/Regency Era)

1830s-1900 (Victorian Era)

1901-1910s (Edwardian Era)

1920s-1940s (WW1/WW2)

Page created October 29, 2020. Last updated October 29, 2020.